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The Exhaust Port - a Star Wars Podcast




Founded in 2015, on the eve of the hype of The Force Awakens and the true start of the post-Lucas Star Wars era, Dork Side Productions and The Exhaust Port Podcast are the brainchild of Star Wars super-fan Todd Canipe! What started as a quarterly podcast quickly grew into a full SW media hub, hosting a weekly podcast in addition to a blog and website dedicated to all things Star Wars - news, rumors, reviews, opinion pieces, etc. We pride ourselves on being huge fans of Star Wars first-and-foremost, but we aren't afraid to disagree with the creators and other fans when need be. With a rotating cadre of passionate fans as co-hosts, plus the occasional author and/or celebrity, The Exhaust Port offers up unique and fresh content every week.

Thanks again for listening and supporting, we definitely appreciate it.

~May the Force Be With You