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The Exhaust Port - a Star Wars Podcast



Dec 13, 2017


After a bit of a layoff, The Exhaust Port podcast is back. And when we say back we mean it! For episode 30 host Todd Canipe is joined by a huge group of The Exhaust Port and Dork Side Productions' most frequent contributors in the form of Sequoyah Winston, Dan Bruer, Reid Byers, and Katrina Canipe, to look back on the two years since the release of The Force Awakens - what did we love about it and what doesn't work as well since the new car smell has worn off. And of course, the crew looks ahead to the behemoth that is Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi! No SPOILER talk here, we promise, just speculation. Lastly, we launch a brand-new feature called 'May the Fours Be With You', where we rifle off each of our favorite four Star Wars films heading into the release of TLJ.

~Enjoy - Todd & the Dork Side Crew!