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The Exhaust Port - a Star Wars Podcast



Mar 1, 2019

For episode 44 of The Exhaust Port podcast, Reid Byers is back in the co-host's seat, joining Todd once again to round up all the latest and greatest Star Wars news, rumors (**SPOILER WARNING**), and theories that surround the galaxy! And in between all of that, the duo tackle the legacy of the Special Editions, basically doing what needs to be done, and laying out the reasons they suck. Oh, and Galaxy of Heroes because, Galaxy of Heroes. Some highlights include:

  • discussion on both of the announced film series' - the Rian Johnson trilogy and the Benioff and Weiss series (is it a trilogy now?), as well as some thoughts on the Episode IX photo leaks;
  • the awesomeness that will be Triple Force Friday and some Jedi: Fallen Order talk;
  • Hasbro is a bunch of idiots;
  • the joy of victory and the agony of the grind in Galaxy of Heroes;
  • a reminder that the prequel-era Jedi were morons and Mace Windu was pretty much Vice Principal Vernon from The Breakfast Club;
  • prequels be damned, the Special Editions are still (by far) the worst things to ever happen to Star Wars;
  • our desire to see Ahmed Best cast in a new Star Wars project;
  • is there a THIRD TV show in the works, centering around everyone's favorite dishonest Jedi?;
  • Resistance is picking up steam, despite its lead character, and heading towards an epic season one finish.

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