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The Exhaust Port - a Star Wars Podcast



Jan 1, 2019

Did you miss us?!? Fear not, after a long hiatus, The Exhaust Port podcast is back to stay and we've got some cool new stuff planned as we relaunch! 

For our triumphant return in episode 41, Todd is joined once again by Reid Byers to catch up on all the Star Wars happenings we've missed since our last podcast. Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • What if Solo had been released in December?? In hindsight Disney straight-up blew it and we tell you why;
  • TV, TV, and more TV! Oh, and even more TV news (yeah, we're excited about this);
  • So much Vader - from the end of the latest Vader series of comics to the fan film from SW Theory that everyone is talking about;
  • Resistance - Kaz the millennial??
  • Todd finally watched the Marvel films, and has a ton of thoughts about world-building as Star Wars moves past Episode IX;
  • Speaking of IX, crazy theories abound!
  • Galaxy of Heroes has taken over our lives...

Thanks for sticking with us, we promise to stick around this time. And if you like the show, give us that review - it helps a ton!